The Perth Pride Hub.. It’s coming

A non-profit project to activate Perth and benefit the Western Australian LGBTIQA+ community

The inaugural Exploratory Committee are accepting expressions of interest from members of the LGBTIQA+ community dedicated to the establishment of a community based #PerthPrideHub.

While this is early days for the Perth Pride Hub project we hope you can join us as we take the next step in creating something truly wonderful with a lasting legacy for our community.

David Goncalves & Paul Alain Hunt
(Co-Chairs City of Perth LGBTIQA+ Advisory Group)

“Hope will never be silent.”

– Harvey Milk

The Perth Pride Hub Exploratory Committee was formed following the release of the City Of Perth LGBTIQA+ Plan delivered by the City of Perth’s Advisory Group.

A Perth Pride Hub could reactivate the city of Perth using one of the many vacant buildings in our city while meeting the needs as a basecamp for LGBTIQA+ groups and organisations to collaborate, share resources and to further their work in supporting equality, diversity and inclusion across the our city and state of Western Australia.

We are seeking professional and passionate members of the community with experience and leadership qualities in the public, corporate and senior management community sector to help progress what could be a game changing initiative for Perth.

The committee operates with the sole purpose of developing a non-profit community Pride ‘hub’ and centre that will work with all levels of the public and private sector in partnership to benefit and service the needs of the entire LGBTIQA+ community.

The exploratory committee envisages the delivered project could be a focal point for people of diverse sexuality and genders to celebrate culture, centralise health services, forge new connections, and house important LGBTIQA+ organisations.

As a multi-dimensional project, engagement is at the heart and core of what we do and why we exist. Our project is just one borne by the engagement process conducted to develop the City of Perth’s LGBTIQA+ Plan. Now it’s been released and endorsed we seek your ongoing support, feedback and contributions.


July 27, 2021

July 28, 2021

July 29, 2021


David Goncalves (Tuesday 27th July 2021)

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